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Because this is the third time I’ve had to attempt this since my computer decided to %$#@! with me, this’ll be quick and dirty on the commentary. TRUST MY RAGE.

Open on the fields, where trouble seems afoot.


But no, it’s not trouble, it’s Claire, playing with the kids and getting the…

I am done reading Dragonfly in Amber…..I had to read like 4 books in between as buffer for all my suffering….I dont think I should start Voyager so soon…I feel drained and over emotional over Jamie and Claire its like I love them too much.

Should I start Voyager at once?

Ok, so I love Outlander and is giving me life and taking it away at the same time while I wait for OUAT….I have read Outlander (I almost died) and I am already finishing Dragonfly in Amber (I might die again). I love the TV show and I am growing incredibly obsessed with Jamie and Claire (They are perfect…ok) but I might be in love with Murtagh, you have no idea how I love that immutable highlander, he might not have much exposition but every time he is in a scene (books and Tv so far) I have loved him….he is amazing and I really hope the next books bring more of him and I really hope he never dies….

….Colin might have killed mi with his new look! Can somebody check on me???

I was watching episode 2 of Outlander and started panicking over the fact that we will only have 8 episodes this year…started counting when will I watch the last one and aparently it will be september 27th….I calmed myself remembering that OUAT returns on September 28th….all is good! o.O

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Unless characters are in an actual physical confrontation, there's no reason to grab someone like that. Go watch SQ's Cricket Game diner scene. THAT'S how you initiate a civil conversation when one party is upset (and I'll take that interaction any day over a needy arm grab). Emma called out to Regina, Regina responded. Simple. Hook had to yank Emma around to force her into conversation. Either let her respond or let her be. Don't grab her when she clearly does not want to talk to you.
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Don’t even try to compare what Hook just did to SQ. Don’t EVEN. Because Regina has tried to KILL Emma multiple. She put her in a Vader choke. She threw fireballs at her. She flung her across the yard with magic. She punched her in the face. She has insulted her parenting skills right in front of Henry, and she insist on saying “your just like your mother” for ruining her romantic relationship, despite the fact that she earlier came to grips with the truth that Cora killed Daniel, not Snow.

Do NOT even try to make this into an SQ vs. CS thing, because despite everything they’ve been through Emma is canonically romantically interested in Hook. She is NOT romantically interested in Regina. I know you’re mad and upset and bitter about, but them’s the breaks, kiddo. Just because what Hook does it triggering to you and others, does not mean it is factually problematic.

Swan Queen is not a canon ship. Swan Queen has been shown to be extraordinarily abusive. Yet those scenes are lauded by SQers for being oh-os “passionate” and “hot” and “romantic.” But when it comes to Hook, it’s unforgivable. Get off your high fucking horse and admit that there is a gross double-standard within your own fandom.

Do not come to my inbox with your bullshit and not expect me to call you out on it.

Fandumb demonstrates a distinct rejection of basic logic and comprehension which, sadly, is hardly unprecedented.

For one, momentarily grabbing someone you know and vice versa by the arm in order to draw their attention in a way not even remotely hurtful in order to apologize for something you might have done that has inadvertently caused their distress is a completely natural gesture/impulse. Regardless of whether two people are in established romantic relationship or not, i.e Emma grabbing David’s hand to check for injuries, Emma grabbing Hook by the shoulder in Neverland to stop him from leaving and prompt him to talk about a highly traumatic experience pertaining to his brother’s untimely demise for the sake of getting more information on Dreamshade poison even when he clearly was not inclined to revisit said experience (which, lets face it, is a far less of a honorable reason to initiate a physical contact than an earnest attempt to apologize), David encouragingly shoving Hook insisting that he deals with the Ariel issue, etc.

On the contrary, Emma’s dynamic with Regina, as opposed to what Swan Queen brigade might claim, did NOT progress from antagonistic to friendly/tolerant. It has always been and still is a relationship between a victim and oppressor who holds the ultimate power over said victim.

Because that’s what Regina is - an empowered persecutor of the Charming family who still irrationally/confusingly preserves her privileges gained by means of political tyranny, corruptness, mass murder, arranged murder of Emma’s grandfather, Leopold, and unwarranted disowning of her mother. This is not being a rival or opponent - this is being the oppressor of disadvantaged parties which is inherently abusive.

Especially considering Regina has been outward and bold in her lack of remorse for institutionally persecuting, mistreating and terrorizing Emma’s family for decades, coercing into sexual slavery, raping (for 28 + years) and murdering Emma’s love interest Graham Humbert because he had the audacity to favor Emma over Regina’s abusive, possessive and controlling self. Psychologically and physically abusing Emma’s mother, Snow, who happens to be Regina’s step daughter and whom the aforementioned had direct duties towards once she WILLINGLY subscribed to her marriage with Leopold in order to assume more authoritative power.

Regina’s statement about the absolute lack of regret implies that she STILL does NOT consider herself guilty of oppressing Emma’s family (equates with political criminality and abuse). Actively and directly ruining Emma’s childhood, causing the latter to grow up as a socially unadjusted orphan in a position of financial, economical and psychological disadvantage and with no support system (qualified as systematic power abuse). Severely abusing and deliberately brainwashing Emma’s son Henry by manipulating him into considering himself mentally unstable in order to secure her malicious agenda against the Charming family, particularly Emma’s mother (classified as parental abuse against her adoptive child and her step daughter Snow).

Hiring her minion to spy on Emma, bugging Emma’s office without her consent, illegally obtaining teenage Emma’s sealed criminal records in order to publicly shame her for not having her life on track when Emma was younger despite being the direct cause of Emma’s place of social hopelessness.

Intending to omit Emma from equation by either murdering her or subjecting her to a “fate worse than death” and accidentally killing their mutual son instead. Attempting to kill Emma, her family and everyone Henry thoroughly cared about in order to brainwash Henry into loving her and have him entirely to herself/have a claim on him as though he was a possession/object without agency. And promptly wiping away his memories about this malicious scheme because it was at risk of backfiring and because Regina could no longer benefit and gain anything from it, not because she consciously reflected on her toxic behaviors and legitimately reconsidered her gruesome intent feeling disgusted and appalled with herself (lifts Regina’s abuse of Henry to a new level of repulsive and by all accounts should entail a permanent deprivation of any parental rights).

Overtly and consistently degrading Emma and berating her considerably more remarkable and exemplary parental skills in front of their mutual son whom Regina had previously blackmailed into spending time with her by threatening to kill everyone in town and using tree branches to physically restrain him.

Regina proudly declared a start of her redemption arc yet sided with her mother to try and get Henry back by dismissing his choices and consent, assisted Cora in mentally abusing and nearly killing Henry’s grandmother Snow. Assisted Cora in depriving Snow - Emma’s mother - of the only remaining link to her family (Joanna) by means of murder similarly to how she and Cora had organized the murders of Emma’s grandparents, Queen Eva and King Leopold so that Regina could effectively climb a social ladder.

Victim blamed Snow into apologizing to her for supposedly “provoking” her to persecute and oppress because Snow ended up being affected by Cora’s ambitious, cunning and deceptive actions at the age of nine. Victim blamed Emma for defying her corruptness and saving an innocent person from unwarranted death penalty Regina had ordered because said person dared to not endorse undeserved persecution of Emma’s mother.

Preserved her corruptly acquired place of authority in Storybrooke despite gaining it due to decades of oppression and political terrorism against the Charmings and the rest of Enchanted Forest/Storybrooke and not having a reason to massacre villages, endorse physical & sexual slavery or arrange a 28 year long persection any longer. Because Regina’s influential status is now nonsensically upheld by her former victims who joyfully invite her to family dinners. Where Regina sits alongside a kid whose childhood she had destroyed by continual mental abuse, a woman whom she had caused to grow up as a lonely, socially marginalized orphan who assumed her parents had left her on the side of freeway because she was unneeded and unlovable. And alongside people Regina had oppressed, tormented on personal and governmental level, deprived of agency for three decades and used as puppets to reinforce her twisted and possessive agendas & seek out validation and acknowledgment (Emma’s parents).

Because the last time Regina was NOT invited to a dinner she ended up setting on a rampage and attempting to slaughter the entirety of Emma’s family & kidnap and brainwash Henry against his will. Last time Regina had her parental rights temporarily revoked she resorted to repeatedly and relentlessly abusing Henry by means of threat, blackmail and physical violence against both Henry and Emma.

Regina’s victims have by now decided it would be more productive to have her in the same dinner where it’s easier to keep an eye on her, catering to her egotistical needs. Which Regina has outwardly stated she places above the suffering and misery she has inflicted on Emma’s family as long as it helped her gain what SHE wanted, namely a kid to abuse. That’s the only reason Regina IS a part of this family - she ABUSED and oppressed her WAY INTO IT because her place of power enabled this behavior and has absolved her of facing the consequences.

Or having her parental status compromised and rightly removed because not only is Regina a textbook abusive parent but she acquired said rights illegally by misrepresenting herself to child services and disguising her identity as a competent and dutiful lady mayor. While actually being a mass murdering sexual abuser and a tyrannic dictator guilty of child murder and severe child abuse against her step daughter.

The reason why Regina is accepted by the Charmings is BECAUSE she abused Henry and oppressed THEM. This is the most horrendous, profoundly HORRIFYING instance of abuser glorification on the show. Because the narrative implies that the only way for the victims to be able to rebuild their lives which have been shredded, irreversibly destroyed and reduced to ruins by their oppressor and to NOT be persecuted anymore is to conform to said oppressor and invite them to a dinner. To forgive that person for their own good. And never consider hurting their abusive feelings ever again because it leads to death penalty or three decades without agency.

It’s not only Emma/Regina that is a blatantly, tremendously abusive relationship - it’s Regina’s dynamic with the entirety of the Charming family that is decidedly offensive, harmful and problematic. Because Regina is REWARDED for being the abuser. Thus representing and perpetuating the precise issue this obstinately clueless section of fandom tends to persistently and falsely attribute to Hook.

Hook never abused Emma. HE was actually her enemy at one point, eventually evolving into her ally, friend and subsequently lover. Ever since he even started entertaining the idea of forming/establishing a romantic relationship with Emma or being in her life on HER terms (be it a romantic or platonic dynamic she was interested in - or no dynamic at all because if Emma hadn’t wanted Hook there he would have backed away immediately like he did when believing she was inclined to rekindle a romance with Neal. Regina’s dynamic with Emma & the Charmings follows Regina’s rules, it’s never on Emma’s terms because Regina has always had a complete control and power - that’s the only type of a relationship she is capable of maintaining. Unequal one, where she is in the position of superiority) he has been consistently encouraging, reassuring and supportive. Inspiring and motivating Emma to be the most empowered version of herself instead of making her feel defenseless and disadvantageous like Regina did by means of violently tearing Emma and her family apart. And proceeding to be mentally, verbally and physically abusive towards her when Emma reasonably confronted Regina on her psychologically damaging treatment of Henry.

It was only when Emma started to reluctantly cater to Regina’s unearned parental status did the latter refrain from physical abuse and switched to emotional one by constantly undermining Emma in front of Henry. Hook never disregarded Emma’s parental authority and not once spoke disrespectfully about ANY of Henry’s parents, be it Emma, Neal or Regina. He defended Emma during a private conversation with Henry when the latter accused her in concealing truths from him and Hook assured him that Emma only cares about his safety and puts his well being first, it happening when Emma couldn’t hear. Hook helped Henry honor the memory of his dad by telling him stories about young Bae, referring to him with infinite appreciation, helping Henry to cope with the loss and form an emotional connection to his late father. Going as far as speaking about Rumple in a neutral manner and never badmouthing him in front of Henry despite a heavily controversial history between the two men.

This is a striking contrast to how Regina systematically puts Emma down in order to paint herself in a more flattering, positive and captivating light in Henry’s eyes. Hook could have easily done the same by demeaning Neal who was deadbeat for eleven years and for none of the valid or legitimate reasons but because he listened to a stranger on street and framed his underage (and pregnant) girlfriend for a crime he had committed while being shamefully and disturbingly irresponsible about his sexual activities with minors. Yet Hook never speaks negatively about Neal, quite the contrary, he does everything in his power to make sure Henry remembers the good and flattering things about his dad.

Hook encouraged Emma to embrace her power not because he needed to use it to his advantage and aspired to reclaim corruptly obtained parental rights as soon as possible like Regina did - but because he strove to instill confidence in Emma and motivate her to believe in herself and her capabilities.

Regina deprived - and never regretted because in the end it gained her a status of a child abuser - Snow and David of the opportunity to give Emma what she was entitled to since birth and make her feel like a princess that she was. Something Snow still unfairly blames herself for not being able to let Emma have, bursting into uncontrollable tears occasionally when haunted by the images of the life Emma COULD have (and SHOULD have) had if it wasn’t for Regina. Hook compensated for this loss by encouraging Emma to reclaim her princess title, taking her to her first ball, incessantly complimenting and praising her, prompting her to accept her family and stop running away from people who genuinely loved her and always put her first no matter the circumstances.

Hook brought Emma’s family back together on three occasions by proving his willingness to lay his life on the line for them, risking it on innumerable occasions, nearly dying in the process and sacrificing not just his only home but that little he had left in life after, much like Emma, being robbed of everything and everyone he ever loved (and contrary to Emma he will never get his loved ones back). All in order to ensure Emma and Henry are not endangered in any way and are safely delivered back home to the rest of their family which was faced with a mortal danger.

If fandumb insists a relationship between a person who constantly prioritizes Emma and her family’s comfort above his personal needs, safety and life, who makes Emma feel empowered and cherished, who works his hardest to secure her happiness and stability, who infallibly acknowledges whatever wrongdoings he might be guilty of (contrary to Regina who prominently lacks any remorse for methodically ruining Emma’s life as long as HER life was improved) is “abusive” then it has most certainly ascended to a brand, shiny new level of ridiculousness.

Regina has abused her way into Emma’s family, literally. Hook worked his way into it by means of support, selflessness and sincerest concern he constantly exhibits towards not only Emma individually but people she loves and cares about.

There is, admittedly, an easily determinable and blatantly obvious reason why Madam Mills apologists insist on condemning Hook for taking it upon himself to make a sincere effort to apologize for whatever devastation he might have inadvertently caused Emma - because it’s the kind of self awareness Regina is never capable of nor willing to master.

Holy shit, this is amazing.