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For anyone who was looking to watch Dukhless (Soulless) staring Danila Kozlovsky with english subtitles, i have found a way! This video has siberian subtitles, but all you have to do it click the CC button and select translate and then select english!

Better directions (x)

Thank you <3 <3

I left for a while and now that I´ve come back I find my dash full of CS and to be honest I love all the people I follow… love love

Reblog if you ship those two; I wanna see how large and supportive of a group we are before the season begins!

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So thepirateandtheswan posted pictures the other day of some awesome high collared jackets that she wanted to see Killian wear as far as modern clothes goes. And since I agreed whole-heartedly, my muse decided that for completely scientific purposes I needed to manip him into said jackets. 

And thus. I bring to you. Exactly what Killian Jones needs to wear season four. Especially that plaid one.

Yasssss a million times yessss! Who do we have to send these for it to happen??

Its my fault but there’s nothing worst than finding the perfect ff and knowing is not finished but still take the risk…. Now I am here feeling empty :(






26 Male Survivors Of Sexual Assault Quoting The People Who Attacked Them

This needs more notes.

no one seems to care if they are guys 

reminder that rape and sexual abuse happens to everyone, not just girls

I think the disturbing part is how very similar the threats are.

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They Look so cute together

They Look so cute together

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Ok, I am crying for real now. 😂😂😂
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Word reaches me that America is doing a terrible job on the trailers for this show.

This saddens me… I’m looking forwards to it airing in the US because I need more people to get into the fandom and write MOAR FIC make MOAR GIFS and MOAR FANART (lest anyone points the finger I am currently writing a fic and trying to do my bit)

As I’ve said before, the UK makes amazing trailers (dude, seriously, go look up the first Supernatural trailer, and the Lost trailer and… basically, UK gives good trailer). So allow me to correct this injustice with an awesome badass trailer *points up*

This show is the stuff that fandoms are made on. Watch, you won’t regret it :D